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1 Million Us Dollar Is Equal To How Many rupees?

1 million dollars in rupeesEveryone in the financial world uses the short-scale number system. Every investor, professional, teacher and even the average person will use thousands, millions, billions, and other numbers. It gets even more complicated when you consider that the US dollar, Euro, or British pound are the most widely accepted global currencies.

1,000,000 is the same as 1000 thousand. The Indian equivalent of a million dollars is ten lakh rupees. This is not a common quantity because it is not used in everyday life. Different words are used all over the world to express the same amount.

‘How much does a million mean?’ or ‘How many rupees does a million mean?’ is a common question among Indians who encounter global numerical terminology for the first time.

In the age of social media and YouTube, 1 million followers means that someone or something has at least 10,000 followers. Continue reading to learn more about a million, how to convert a million to rupees, and the value of a million.

If you live in India and even interact with a foreigner, you will be stumped when using Indian terminology such as lakhs/Crore.

What is Million?

 To be mathematical, a million or a thousand is the number subsequent to 999,999 and precedent to 1,000,001. This unit makes a commonplace for short and long scales. The number is inspired by the Italian word ‘million’ and is treated abbreviated for m’ in British English. Million is a member of the international numeration system.

What is Rupees?

A rupee is a unit of currency used in some countries including India. A Rupee in India is called the Indian rupee. It is denoted by ‘₹’ and ‘INR’. This currency term is also called Rupaya and Rupaye in several parts of India.

Difference Between Million and Rupees

You must have heard the same number being hurled into terming the different names for an infinite number of times now. It is important (and uncomplicated) to understand the difference between the International system of numbering and the Indian system of numbering. Untangling your mind to the contrast on which both stands will help the conversion make go plain sailing for you and your time.

As per the Indian system of numeration, the term one lakh refers to one hundred thousand or 100,000 numerically which is the unit according to the international currency. And just like that, 10 lakh in Indian numbering leads to one million in the numbering system of international fashion. Indian numbers maintain that 1000 is a thousand but the international system treats things differently.

While the United States, in many parts of it, practices the large number separation within the three-digit intervals, the Indian system of numbers is composed of a slightly different method.

Here is how to understand it without scratching your head.

In a number of parts of the US, it is practiced like this:

…BBB, MMM, TTT, HHH where

B refers to the Billions

M refers to the Millions

T refers to the Thousands

H refers to the Hundreds

When it comes to Indian numeration, it is practiced like this:

…CC, LL, TT, HHH where

C refers to the Crores

L refers to the Lakhs

T refers to the Thousands

H refers to the Hundreds

So one million is seen as one thousand thousand (1,000,000) as the former method, while the latter puts it as ten lahks (10,00,000).

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Steps to Convert 1 Million Dollars in Rupees

Since 1 dollar is equal to 82.05* Indian Rupee so we can write it as 1 dollar = 82.05 INR*.

  • We know that 1 Million = 10,00,000.
  • 1 Million Dollars can be written as $10,00,000.
  • Now to convert 1 million dollars in rupees we have to multiply 10,00,000 by 82.05.
  • It will be written as 10,00,000 x 82.05 = 82051000

Thus the value of one million dollars is 8.20 crores. In words, it is eight crores twenty lakhs fifty-one thousand.

1 Million Us Dollar Is Equal To How Many Crores?

Similarly, we can find the value of 2 million dollars in Indian rupees in the following ways:

  • Since the value of one million = 10,00,000.
  • So, the value of two million = 20,00,000.
  • Two million dollars will be represented as $20,00,000.
  • Now follow the steps from which we got the value of 1 Million Dollars in Rupees.
  • So, it will be 20,00,000 x 82.29 = 16,45,80,000.
  • Therefore 2 million dollars in Indian rupees is equal to 16.45 Crores.

Thus by following the above methods we can easily convert million dollars into INR.

1 Million Dollars is Equal to How Many Rupees?

The value of one million has six zeroes whether it is written as 10,00,000 (Indian Number System) or 1,000,000 (International Number System). Now we have to convert 1 million US dollars in Indian rupees which are represented below:

In the above calculation, we have assumed $1 = 82.29 INR*

And 1 million = 10,00,000

To convert 1 million dollars in rupees, the method is,

1 million dollar = 10,00,000 x 82.29

1 million dollars = 8,22,90,000 or 8.22 crores.


*The data mentioned above (USD amount) is taken from official resources, however, USD rates may vary from day to day in the market.

1 Million in Rupees

1 million in rupees are given in the table below:

  • 1 Million = 10 Lakhs (10,00,000)
  • 2 Million = 20 Lakhs (20,000,00)
  • 3 Million = 30 Lakhs (30,00,000)
  • 4 Million = 40 Lakhs (40,00,000)
  • 5 Million = 50 Lakhs (50,00,000)
  • 6 Million = 60 Lakhs (60,00,000)
  • 7 Million = 70 Lakhs (70,00,000)
  • 8 Million = 80 Lakhs (80,00,000)
  • 9 Million = 90 Lakhs (90,00,000)
  • 10 Million = 1 Crore (1,00,000,000)
  • 50 Million = 5 Crores (5,00,000,000)
  • 100 Million =10 Crores (10,00,000,000)

1 Million in Crores or 1 Million Means How Many Crores?

1 million in crores can be written as follows:

  • 1 Million = 0.1 Crore
  • 10 Million = 1 Crore
  • 50 Million = 5 Crores
  • 100 Million = 10 Crores
  • 200 Million = 20 Crores
  • 500 Million = 50 Crores
  • 1000 Million = 100 Crores

Million to Rupees Formula & Example

Indian currency is called Rupee, whereas internationally the currency is termed as Dollar. Dollar makes a popular currency that is used on a vast platform. One thing to be noted is that the Dollar is changeable in nature. The rate changes in India depending on the Indian economy. Given that, you can look up to the million to rupees formula in order to check the currency in the Indian system. This formula will tell you how to convert million into rupees.

Now you may gather your brains to this million to lakh formula for conversion-

1 million x Indian dollar rate = million dollars in Indian currency

You can simply check the current dollar rate there is in India and multiply it by 1 million. 1 million means 10 lakh in Indian rupees and so you have to multiply it with the rate of the dollar in India that is being used at that time.

Million to Rupees Converter

 Till now you have understood that million comes from the international numeration system and its conversion into Indian rupees takes us to use the term lakh. In the Indian numeration system, an amount of one lakh is equal to one hundred thousand for the international numbering system.

How would you convert 1 million in rupees?

There is no hunt to that. This simple act of conversion can be commenced using a million to lakh of rupees converter system. You can easily find the million to rupees convertors online where you can input the million number and emanate the million in rupees number. This is the fastest way to convert international currency into Indian rupees (and it won’t demand you the effort to make calculations in your head).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q.1: What is 1 million in words?
Ans: 1 million is written in words as one million. In India, it is written as ten lakhs.

Q.2: 1 million is equal to how many lakhs?
Ans: 1 million is equal to 10 lakhs.

Q.3: How many millions make 1 billion?
Ans: 1 billion is equal to 1000 million.

Q.4: How much is 1 million in Rupees?
Ans: In Indian currency, 1 Million can be expressed as:
– 1 million = 10,00,000 Rupees
– 1 million = 10 Lakhs
– 1 million = 0.1 Crore

Q.5: What does 1 Million views mean?
Ans: If a video or picture has 1 million views on the internet, then it has been seen by at least 10 lakh users.

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